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The Konglomerate is a group of diverse individuals spanning the globe. Our purpose is to assist you to achieve your vision and realize the full potential of your project.

Our team comprehends the complexities of all aspects regarding the launch of a project, the management, and execution consequently. Well-versed in the nuances of integrating blockchain into projects, our experienced professionals can step into your project wherever needed, to assist you in the execution of your goals.

In addition to advising you on the roadmap of your overall journey, we contribute to your success by deploying resources and manpower to the development of each area of the ecosystem, whether it is marketing, branding, design, development, customer acquisition, blockchain architecture, tokenomics, integration or funding.

Our greatest impact is with projects who are in the conceptual and pre-launch phases.

We do not work closely with projects post-launch as our skill set and processes are best implemented prior; however, we can offer incubation and acceleration services through our partners and network of industry peers.
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Your journey with us begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs and the current challenges you are facing. Our research department will provide a full analysis post-call and should you be successful in your application, you will be appointed a dedicated relationship manager who will be responsible for looking after the success of your project as well as managing the timelines and deliverables.

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Most projects face challenges with community engagement. Your community can be your biggest fans or your harshest critics.

We have identified the key drivers of successful community engagement and can devise a strategy tailored to your needs.

The Konglomerate has professionals that will dive into your project and deliver effective communication channels between founders and consumers.


Brand recognition and uniform color schemes across all materials are the heart and soul of your identity.

Our branding department will assist you in developing brand guidelines as well as ensuring they are suited to the ethos of your project.
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Web hosting and development

Web hosting and development

Your website and app are equally as important as the brand itself.

Whether it is around graphics, web graphic design; user interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software, UX design or search engine optimisation - we are here to help you.
Business development

Business development


The Konglomerate has a combined wealth of 40+ years in the blockchain space  and we can assist you in identifying and connecting with like-minded founders or projects as well as negotiating the collaboration on your behalf.
Technical development

Technical development

Developing a smart contract is easy; simple lines of code instructed to do exactly what they are designed to; however having numerous smart contracts interact with each other efficiently and concisely are where the challenges can appear.

Complex codes create robust project and blockchain architecture. We can help you maneuver through it. Whether it is in regards to smart contracts, tokenomics or similar - we have experienced professionals who will know exactly what direction your project needs.


Funding is always the bottom line, without the right level of funding, the best project in the metaverse will stall.

We can help you develop and refine the documents required to make a successful  pitch and connect you to our established network of investors.
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We understand launching a project can be nerve wracking. Hence we can deploy our expertise in order to make sure your project has everything that it takes to make your launch successful.


Do you need more resources allocated to your project?

Whether it is in marketing, branding, design and web development, business development, blockchain development, funding, or launch - we are here to help you throughout the process.


Do you have a disruptive idea but are missing the key components to make it a reality?

We are here to help. We take projects from the conceptualization stage to and through launch.

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